Data Services

Submit, evaluate and access your calibration verification / linearity testing data in one convenient place with myCalVer®.  Our data reduction service is free of charge with the purchase of any VALIDATE® test kit.


Maine Standards Company's do-it-yourself data reduction software delivers real-time analysis of your calibration verification / linearity testing results.  Once you download it here, you can instantly analyze your VALIDATE® calibration verification / linearity results without having to be online.
Simply enter your results into the stand-alone program to instantly view, print, and save your linearity reports.  You can also email your reports directly to us for peer group analysis and future online access.

Data submission

If you would like to submit your linearity test results to Maine Standards Company for complimentary data processing, fill out a data submission form and send it to us.  Your data will be processed and returned to you within five business days.  Data can be sent to Maine Standards Company as often as you need: six-month checks, retesting, troubleshooting, or after instrument maintenance.

Peer group data

Once you send us your linearity reports, your peer group will be available to view in only five business days — plus we'll send you a copy of your results for your reference.

View data and results

Finding your data has never been faster or easier.  Beginning July 1, 2012, myCalVer® will be securely storing all of your data reports on a rolling four-year basis, saving you time and resources.